Every morning before I start my day, I get up an hour or so early so I can reply to emails, check the weather, sports, etc. And then whatever time I have left is spent messing around on Facebook. By doing so, I was fortunate enough to find a post that caught my eye and my blood pressure. We’ve all been down the GMO road already with trying to educate other about is roll in farming and how it won’t kill you if you eat it. But this post was different:

For privacy reasons, I’ll keep names out of the situation. If you are reading this, you know who you are and what you said and if you so choose to nominate yourself as the speaker then so be it, I however, will not.

“@Kellogs – I am boycotting your products because they contain GMO’s. If a large company such as Kellogg’s were to come out strongly against GMO’s and do the right thing by removing them from all products, it would go a long way in convincing your customers that you care about their health.”

Now that is quite the statement to put out there, that you are actually going to BOYCOTT something because the media that informs you has failed to give you all of the truth. Or maybe you just don’t want to believe any other way because it’s what everyone else is doing? Matt Boucher from Boucher Farms actually beat me to the first comment but attempted to educate said person by informing them how GMO’s came about and how the subject has never been covered properly by big media. He was later to be called a “troll who was paid to make these comments” and that the original poster “was advised to ignore them”. That in itself sets up a huge problem because that statement means that the original poster was already warned that real farmers that raise this crop and worth with it year after year and know the ins and outs of it will attempt to properly inform you, yet you are to disregard their information because big media obviously knows better…..

Another comment came from what appears to be a properly educated individual that stated “GMOs have been proven safe. THere is countless peer reviewed studies out there indicating that.” In terms, another not so educated individual stated “I would like to see some of these peer reviewed studies, please.”

None the less, I couldn’t just let these statements fly without saying something. I took a deep breath, put on my big boy pants, and got to work. The following post is what came of it and I was asked to share it with everyone:

“It’s odd that you ask to see these studies, yet I’ll bet you found your own studies stating that GMO’s are bad, correct? As Matt stated, its easy to find studies that we agree with, but clicking on the links of those that we don’t agree with is much harder, I couldn’t agree more. I prefer one brand of seed to grow, I do my research before purchase and it’s beyond hard to click the link that tells me the seed I’m interested in was found to have a poor drought tolerance or such. But you have to click it to get the entire picture. If farmers were rich like the world thinks we are, or if we had top paid lobbyists, you bet we could get more of a voice in the media and the govt. But we don’t, so we are at the mercy of whatever the media says because people believe Fox News, CNN, etc. KNOW EVERYTHING… however, 9 out of 10 times, nobody asks a farmer. The assume what they want because it bring in ratings. You all think we are posting for money and trolls… yet they post what they know will cause a stir. Remember the “pink slime” ordeal last year? That was because in the previous quarter their viewing dipped by 9%… so they set off a few fireworks and guess what, their viewing increased by 12% over where they were. So it increased by 21% because of one story that was 100% made up, that has been around for centuries, that nobody had an issue with… UNTIL THE MEDIA changed a few words around.

Us farmers aren’t just here to feed the world, we’re here to educate the world as well. Where else can 2% of an entire population handle the necessities to feed 100%? We don’t know EVERYTHING, but we know what we are doing, we’re proud of it, and we’ve been doing it a long time. Matt says 5th generation, I’m 4th generation, there are numerous farm blogs out there for you to ask questions and read into… we don’t get paid for this, we get paid (barely) to feed the world, and I’m 90% positive that we would do it even if we didn’t get paid because it’s in our blood, its the way we were raised, and we LOVE OUR JOB!

If you would like a list of farm blogs, check out Michelle’s page…. you can find a farm blog practically in your back yard I bet using the cool map feature in mid page… http://www.causematters.com/ag-resources/farm-ranch-blogs/

Here is just one study that I found for you as well, Google is a great feature, even if they didn’t use Eggs for Easter in their doodle. http://www.agbioworld.org/biotech-info/articles/biotech-art/peer-reviewed-pubs.html”

As of 8:00pm CST on 4/2/2013, no further posts have been added to the thread. I can only hope that these individuals took our advice, checked out the websites and opened their mind to listen further into investigations instead of taking the first media blast that comes to ear.


Any and all questions can be asked within the comments section and will be answered by either myself or a fellow farmer friend…