I am a 4th Generation farmer; farming around 800 acres of Corn, Soybeans, and Alfalfa for  hay.  We also raise around 190 head of Beef Cattle currently but are hoping to expand soon.  Land prices have gone through the roof and it’s becoming harder and harder to compete with the big guy.  Therefore we small guys have to do something to keep the operation, our dreams, and everything that has been put together over time together.  For us, its going toward more beef cattle.

I can’t say that we are the 4 row planter with the narrow front end tractor that some of you see, but we aren’t to far from going back to that with prices.  Hopefully these blogs, videos, and photos can give the rest of the world a little inside peak of what its like on the farm.  A kind of “behind the scenes” look at what it takes to get our life products into your local markets and every day life.

I hope you enjoy and I am taking all comments, suggestions, gripes, or questions that anyone has and will answer the best I can as soon as I can.




  1. Thanks for blogging! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you blog for the Liebster Award on my own blog. I will have a post going up on 1/18/14 in the am about it and then you can find out more about what is all entails!
    Keep on blogging and sharing your farming story!

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