Wordless Wednesday 4/4/2012

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Our Farm

Some folks have the luxury of fence lines in the wide open prairie or the side of a graceful slopping hill side.  Those are the majestic photos we all see with the pretty sunsets, frosty crystals hanging on the stretched line, the dreams of perfect fence lines!

Here in Nebraska we fix fence the way MEN fix fence, the way that God gave us this land and our generations past built it!

And did I mention that it’s absolutely horrible!!!  The worst thought about it… most of these trees right on the fence lines that you see driving down the county roads, the trees that you wonder “why did they put that fence into that tree” … Here’s how it works

1. Man finds nice land, puts in fence posts and some barb wire to keep his livestock in

2. Spring comes around and birds fly off to eat, from trees, the seeds of trees……

3. Nature runs its course through the birdy

4. Birdy lands on fence post and all of a sudden nature calls… plop…

5. Since the birdy had to go right then it falls to the base of the fence post where it rarely is harmed because of its location

6. 10 years later you have a tree growing into your fence to never let go until it dies and falls over taking your entire fence with it

We have lots of places like this too.  The spot I was in yesterday was so bad that I had to leave my phone in the truck so I would lose it or break it climbing through all the trees.  It’s a rough job but when its all done, fence is tight, cattle are safe, and my job of checking on them is easier because of it, well, that makes it all worth it right?


P.S. Taking volunteers for next year, let me know if you want to donate your time, strength, sweat, and blood.  Yeah, you’re going to get it at least once with the wire!

  1. Not many fence rows left around here. They are being tore out for crops. Fewer livestock. But not us. We are building fence for more cows. Not sure what the smarter move is.

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