Posted: March 30, 2012 in ReBlogged

A great understanding of what all this hub-ub is about “Pink Slime”. Before jumping on the wagon, please read the truth first.

Chico Locker & Sausage Co. Inc.

Many of our customers I know are also readers of the local newspaper in town Chico News & Review, we even distribute this paper in our deli for patrons of our business to read while they enjoy a delicious deli sandwich. But as I was walking out the door yesterday, two words on the front page of this week’s edition caught my eye: PINK SLIME. Seeing as how I’ve written three blog posts on it, naturally, I wanted to see what my local paper is telling my customers as well as the local public about pink slime. Well, let me tell you, I was rather disgusted and outraged to read what they had to say. Here it is:

And in fact, as I read the article, I came to learn that this topic was also covered in an article in 2010. That article, complete with much of the same misinformation…

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