Just Another Day…

Posted: March 4, 2012 in Our Farm

So today was a half way decent day if you don’t factor in the wind, but that’s why man made “The Shop”.  A nice hidden from nature place of 4 walls and a roof to keep you somewhat cozy to extremely cozy depending on your budget or skill at the time it was being built.  So this post is another one of those where I get to show you what we do when were not riding on the tractor plowing fields.

The radio had been going in and out on our 7110 for the past few months and personally I was getting sick of pulling out the darn thing to pull the fuse, put it back in, and see it work for a day before doing it all over again.  About 2 days ago the power button finally caved in so you had to push on it with a piece of wire to turn it on or off.  Then shortly after, it got stuck on 840AM which is our local market update station.  Not a bad station to be stuck on, but it WILL put you to sleep on Sunday’s.  Dad finally agreed on getting a new radio if we could find one that was a decent price… where else would we go but WalMart!  For $50 we got a nice CD player, MP3 input jack, and USB charging port radio.  Nice and shiny, blue display that is really easy to operate and understand!  So out with the old and in with the new, the new one even puts out a lot more volume as well.  Can’t wait to hook up the phone to it through the 3.5mm jack and play it that way.



The next project was the Air Filter on the 7110.  Since the loader support arm is directly in the way, it’s a real pain to get the air filter completely out of the box to clean it from top to bottom.  After every time that we feed ground hay to the cattle we blow out what we can of the filter to prevent dirt from plugging the filter and damaging the motor.  The hard thing to do is shove the filter back inside the box knowing that the entire thing isn’t clean, but when you don’t have much of a choice do to someone’s brilliant mounting setup, you just do it.  Well, since today was OK out, I figured its a good time to finally pull the box out of the tractor so we can get the filter completely out and cleaned finally.  After doing it this time, the next time will be a lot easier and it will be able to be done more frequently this way as well.

The last project on the list was to fix the batter cover and light support that was broken last fall when we were moving trees.  It’s just a plastic cover to hide the batteries and it is also the mount for one of the field lights as well.  But for what it does, getting a brand new one was almost $300.  I’ve done a good time of fiberglass building over the years so I figured I would give it a try and see if I could get it back together and looking decent.  After I removed the cover, it was obvious that this wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought.  This piece was split 3 different ways and one of the light mount brackets was broken off too.  The plastic was also very brittle and was about to crack again any day now.  I got it laid out on the bench and did some looking and piecing back together to make sure it would all fit once I mixed my fiberglass resin together.  Sprayed down the areas I was going to work with using some carb cleaner and wiped it all dry.  Mixed my resin, tore up a few old shirts to use as cloth and went to work.  It took quite a bit to put it all back together and to stay, but i finally got it.  Now to let it sit and dry for a few days, look it over, maybe add another layer yet before I clean it up for the final look, mount the light, and put it all back together.  Sure hope this works and its not just a waste of time…  Guess we’ll know more on Tuesday when I put it back on the tractor.

  1. Brian says:

    You’ve got your dad on a slippery technology slope here lately.

    • okcableguy says:

      I think its more of him feeling comfortable knowing I’m here if he needs the help where before when I was in OKC he’d have to call and hope he’s explaining it right for me to understand to hope that I’m telling him how to fix it right…

      He’s doing great though, I’m seriously proud of him! And still jealous as hell about the tablet thing… never thought he’d get one before me LOL

  2. farmnwife says:

    Now you can listen to podcasts in the tractor.

    • okcableguy says:

      That is a very good point there! I was just updating my ipod and looking at it now, I only have 824.92MB left… and a lot more music to add to it… Just might have to look for a new Ipod..

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