Old Man Winter: February 2012

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Our Farm

So we finally got our number drawn for the snow.  Weather says over 12″ of snow, I have no idea where to start, you can still see grass sticking up out of snow and in other places its 4′ deep.  Dad finally made it out of his yard with the loader and got over to mine and to do the bunks to feed the cattle.  Scooping bunks always is worse than it sounds.  Especially this time with all the heavy snow that we go with this batch.  There is a tree snapped off within the wind break on the east side of the yard.  4′ snow drift cover a few of the bunks and unloading driveway.  There is also about a 3′ drift right in front of the house that was horrible to dig through!  Anyway, below are the pictures I took during the storm.  I’ll have more either later today or tomorrow now that everything is moved around and dug out.  Cattle are doing great, temperatures are right at 33 now so they are feeling good and we were able to get them some feed too today.

Thanks to the wife for helping scoop bunks!  Was a bigger help than she thinks it is.

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