January 3, 2012

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Today was another slow day on the farm.  Weather was amazing for Nebraska in January, got up to 48 today.  Very windy though, made unloading the rest of the UHaul sort of difficult.  Unpacked about half of the boxes in the new house and slowly got things put in place where we wanted them.

We had one steer that managed to twist his leg the other day, all the frozen rough ground can get to a steer.  We were able to get him loaded and took him to the vet for a pain shot and some meds (don’t wanna see that bill), brought him back home and isolated him in the barn so he won’t have to walk on it so much to get to food and water.

Talked to a neighbor that has a small veg. farm about some cover crops that I’m doing homework on.  Unfortunately everything that I had worked out on paper wasn’t going to work out in the ground, got some good pointers and some numbers to call for some more advice, looking forward to that.  Hoping that somewhere through #agchat I will get connected with someone around the Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota area that has cover crops that could visit.

That was the summary for the day.  Tomorrow we’re going to see my sister and her new baby girl in the city and see what the day brings for us from there.  Slow time of the year is never consistent and I’m already looking forward to Spring.

EDIT:  I wanted to share with anyone else following me, there were a few posts from a fellow blogger The Farmer’s Life that I wanted to make sure and share…

This is a video from MSNBC that was great to see out to the public, unfortunately its all true and it’s not just in Iowa, this price increase is happening across the entire farming region…

And HERE is a link to a great write up about Organic Tomatoes and a few “should knows” about what it takes to get them to your store shelf!

Tomorrow Evening I am hoping to have some time to sit down and break down this land price hoot that the media is talking so greatly about.  Everyone sees through the media all this money that farmers must have, spending $20,000/ac in Iowa.  But what they don’t talk about is what else has gone up.  Looking forward to doing some homework on this subject, should be interesting to see what comes out of all these numbers.


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